Our clean strong open tannage offers the strap or belt maker the ability to dye or to carve crisply according to whatever design he imagines.  All this while retaining the full grain genuine leather-look and with minimum stretch or distortion.  And because it is veg-tanned, this leather will "edge" far better than other tannages.

For natural, undyed leather prices see below.  For aniline dyed or pigmented colors, and any other custom designed leathers, please call toll-free for quotation.

     Weight           A        B       C     D
2/8 oz.  7.81 7.41 7.01  6.61
8/11 + oz. 7.95 7.55 7.15 6.75
Branded 7.03 6.67
Backs, psf      Add $1.45 
Moss/Pasted Flesh      Add $0.40
Buffed/Sanded Flesh      Add $0.40 
Minimum Order:
9/10 oz and under:  10 sides or backs, one thickness, or 
20 sides or backs of any 4 thicknesses.
Dyed or Pigmented Leathers
Dyed or Pigmented Leathers to any finish desired.
Any thickness.....................Price based on finish.
Embossed Leathers                                                    add $0.30
 Available in numerous patterns, minimum of 10 sides     
Western Bridle
Call for availability and pricing.